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Meet the Neighbors: Five Questions with Glasserie’s Sara Conklin

Glasserie, located at 95 Commercial Street in Greenpoint, quickly became a neighborhood favorite after opening its doors in 2013. Owner Sara Conklin is passionate about the space and its Mediterranean menu, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions about the restaurant, Greenpoint, and what she loves about her job.


What’s Glasserie all about?

Glasserie is a neighborhood bar/restaurant located in a former glass factory. We serve Mediterranean food with a slant toward Middle Eastern flavors – I grew up in the Middle East and have a deep love for the food, which I felt was underrepresented in Brooklyn.

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Do you have a favorite moment since opening?

Like every restaurant owner, I imagine, my favorite moment was the first night it was packed with people! I had spent over a year in the space (mostly alone or with contractors), so I was thrilled to have the neighborhood wanting to be there too.

There have been many, many favorite moments since then, mostly involving a sense of being touched by the dedication of our awesome Glasserie team.


What’s your favorite item on the menu?

So hard to say … I love everything! Some top choices are the Harissa Rabbit Tacos and the Hanger Steak with Marrow – and our house breads.

I’m also super excited about our desserts, especially our homemade ice creams. And of course there’s the brunch Mezze Feast!

AND, I recently had a dream about our new cocktail “Cashew Alliance,” which involves cashew milk, mezcal, Ancho Reyes, and dark cocoa powder.

Ok, I will stop.

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Why Greenpoint?

I’ve lived between Williamsburg and Greenpoint for the last 15 years and consider it to be home – I fell in love with this particular building when I first saw the old glass factory’s courtyard. It is a magical place, stuck in another century, and was the inspiration for the interior design and development of the identity of Glasserie. We now use it for large private events in the spring and summer.


When you’re not at Glasserie, what are you doing in the neighborhood?

I’m about 20 steps away in my apartment doing paperwork! Occasionally I have dinner parties; the rest of the time I spend working out in some form or another.

If I go out to dinner it is usually to Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. or Selamat Pagi, or Achilles Heel for drinks.

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Glasserie is a member of the MyDomain resident program, a suite of services and amenities that includes an extensive family of local businesses offering specials and incentives to residents.

Glasserie | 95 Commercial Street | www.glasserienyc.com