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Meet the Neighbors: Five Fast Facts with Lorven Pharmacy

Lorven Pharmacy at 1006 Manhattan Ave. has been a neighborhood staple since it was established in 2005. We recently had the pleasure of meeting supervising pharmacist Lev Aminov (above right) and pharmacy manager Maciej Jablonski (above left) to learn more about the business working to keep Greenpoint and Williamsburg healthy and happy!


1. “Lorven” is associated with “health” in India.


2. Lorven Pharmacy was purchased from previous owners, but Lev Aminov and Maceij Jablonski chose to keep the name and goodwill associated with it.


3. The pharmacy’s mantra is to be a partner in health for every customer. They work with patients to offer traditional medical services, homeopathy, and natural remedies (or a combination of all three).


4. They offer online prescription refills, free on-time delivery, and they can even fill prescriptions for your pet!


5. Lorven Pharmacy shares helpful info on sales, special offers, health tips, and more on their Facebook page.


Lorven Pharmacy is a member of the MyDomain resident program, a suite of services and amenities that includes an extensive family of local businesses offering specials and incentives to residents.

Lorven Pharmacy | 1006 Manhattan Ave. | www.lorvenpharmacyllc.com